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We use makaton at Seedling Nursery 

Makaton is a language programme using hand signs and facial expressions in order to communicate. This visual aid was created in order to aid the understanding of language for children who are unable to communicate through speech. With Makaton, children and adults can communicate straight away using signs and symbols. Many people then drop the signs or symbols naturally at their own pace, as they develop speech. Please watch the video to learn the key signs we use at Seedling Nursery. 

Key Makaton Signs we use ALL the time

  • Please & Thank you, 
  • Help, 
  • More, 
  • Food (eat), Biscuit, Drink,
  • Sharing, 
  • To sleep, 
  • Finsh,
  • Kind hands, 
  • Nappy,  
  • No, Yes, 
  • Mummy, Daddy,  
  • Toilet, 
  • Book, 
  • Wait, 
  • To sit, Look, To sing, To play, 
  • Friend, 
  • Happy, Sad, Angry, Hurt, Excited, 
  • Wash hands,  
  • Use your words

Seven areas of learning and develop

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage to support all our childrens learning. Please follow the link for a great guide to how you can help us and your child too


The SENCO at our nursery is called Andy Marshall and can be contacted via the nursery telephone number or email address.